Future Technologies — is the business accelerator only for hardware and technology startups. We help these type of startups to develop your project from an idea stage to a minimum working prototype during a period of 3 month. We invite existing startups and also invite people, who want to be part of some existing hardware startup in our portfolio!


Accelerator program

Accelerator program has been created by experts in hardware startups. Accelerator provides special training courses, mentorship, seed funding, support in prototyping and business development.

Training Course

Our training program is designed for hardware startups and includes business track, design track, technical track and consultancy from the best experts.


Grant is 6000$ per startup. We also help with finding the investor for the first round.

Personal mentor

Personal mentor for every team considers all details of the project and helps with the development of a startup.

Internship abroad

Business trip to the European innovation centers, provides opportunity to gain additional experience and knowledge from European colleagues.

Manufacturer partnerships

Providing the necessary connections with manufacturers, and getting expert evaluation in the field of production.

Free office

Office space in the center of Saint Petersburg and free access to FabLab.

Selection Criteria

  1. Project is involved in the following areas:
    • Consumer and smart electronics.
    • Robotics.
    • Optics and photonics.
    • Nanotechnology.
    • New materials.
    • Alternative energy, energy efficiency.
  2. Confirmation of technical feasibility.
  3. Team is organized at the result of FT MeetUp.
  4. The team has a presentation of their idea.


Our partners are the best experts in their areas. We hope that our collaboration will be longrun and very effective.


199034, St. Petersburg, Birgevaya line, 14